How to use this app

Greetings and thank you for downloading our new vocal warmup app! We hope you will find it useful in warming up your voice before performances.

We’re in the middle of a massive reconstruction of, so for you early adopters that downloaded the app (thank you!) check back next week for more articles, news, and vocal performance assistance listed in this section of the app. We’ll be updating as we go along. Thank you, and welcome!

The vocal warmups

The vocal warmups are broken into two “flavors” — group exercise and solo exercise.

For a thorough vocal warmup, just choose the first group exercise (easiest) and sing along with the rest of the cast as a group. Then choose a couple of other group exercises (they get faster and more difficult) for a total of three. That should get you energized and ready to perform. If a note goes too high or too low for you, just drop out until the scale returns back to your range. There are singers of all vocal levels represented, so you’ll always hear somebody singing along with you.

If you’d like to just hear your own voice with the piano, do the solo exercises. The vocal coach will tell you what to do. The solo exercises are better to listen to your pitch, since there are no other voices.

The tongue twisters

Similar to the group vocal exercises, just say the tongue twisters along with the group, three-times fast. They get get very fast and difficult. Great for non-singers who just want to warm up their monologues.

The starting-note finder

Have you ever been sitting in your car, wondering what in the heck your starting pitch to your audition song is? It’s easy to discover and hear it with the starting note finder. If you know the name of your starting note, you can look it up by name. Or, just compare the graphic note on the left of each starting note to the first note on your sheet music, counting the lines of the staff. When they match, you’ve found your starting note and can play it to get your pitch. Easy!

News and guides

The news and guides section will be updating with new articles on an ongoing basis. There is no need to update the app to see new articles — they will be updated in the app automatically when you open the app (if there are new articles since the last time you connected to the Internet).

Have an idea for an article you’d like to see? Let us know in the credit and suggestions area of the app!

Credits and suggestions

In the credit and suggestions section, we thank the singers and other folks who helped to make the app possible, and also give you a way to contact us with your ideas and suggestions via the “email us” button. You’ll need to have email set up on your iphone or itouch. It will send an email to our address. We’d love your suggestions and feedback to help make this an even better app (or to suggest other apps you’d like to see).

Thank you for purchasing this app — we hope it helps to contribute to your singing success by helping you to be fully prepared!

Ron Evans, Founder of and “Vocal Warmups: On the Way”

Principal consultant at arts marketing and technology consultants